Security is more than a firewall. In fact, it’s an end-to-end solution. We understand this and, as such, offer a comprehensive array of security service offerings that protect your company’s critical assets and data from external and internal threats, such as viruses, hackers and disgruntled employees. The services that make up an end-to-end security solution include:

Firewall: A firewall is a must – a solid foundation for your tailored security solution to enhance and protect your company’s tailored business technology solution.

Antivirus Protection: Every week the volume of virus activity increases. Now more than ever before viruses are running wild on the Internet and private networks. That is why we believe in implementing a multilevel virus defense system. Having antivirus software running on the desktops and servers is only part of the system. As viruses usually enter a network through e-mail it is imperative to scan incoming and outgoing messages before they enter or leave the private network. The addition of an antivirus e-mail gateway is just as important in protecting your business network as the antivirus software running on desktops and servers. Taking it a step further, adding a antivirus web traffic gateway can prevent viruses from entering a private network via the http protocol. Just as HTML, ASP, and PHP files are downloaded from a web server to a user's computer, virus files can as well.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN): VPNs come in two (2) flavors. Secure VPN mobile client access includes secure remote access for your company’s mobile users over the insecure Public Internet. VPN site-to-site access, on the other hand, includes secure access for your company’s regional or satellite offices over the Public Internet between firewalls, enabling your company to replace the traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) of the past with a more cost effective solution.

2-Factor Security: Double security offers your company a second line of authentication and protection above and beyond the firewall, and, in doing so, verifies and ensures the identification and access of your remote users through the use of hardware and/or software token technology.

Intrusion Detection: Intrusion detection is both host and network based and gives your company the ability to monitor who is accessing what system, at what time and in what place, as well as monitor activity on the wire. In other words, intrusion detection allows your company to catch a culprit in the act or, simply put, to catch a user in the act of reaching into the forbidden cookie jar.

Audit Analysis: Audit Analysis tells your company whether or not its network is full of holes - if it’s a sieve; an open doorway for hackers to waltz right in and do some serious damage to your company’s critical data and systems. But, to determine this, your company must first audit its network by running a scan to identify whether or not holes or security breaches exist.

Web Security: Your company’s Web site is now its business. For this reason, your company needs to protect its business, and, to do this, it must prevent hackers from defacing its Web site or gaining illegal access by investing in a tailored and secure web defense.

Security Policy Compliance & Assessment: Security is a work-in-progress that involves the assessment and management of policies on a daily basis to manage network security. If left unchecked, your company’s network and systems are vulnerable to attack. To avoid this, tools and services are available to ensure that your company’s policies are current and hacker proof.

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