img_16Arkendale Consulting is a New England-based IT consulting firm that specializes in providing "Best-of-Breed" service and support to the SMB marketplace.

Arkendale provides effective and fiscally responsible technology solutions to the SMB community. We are a team of dedicated, experienced and certified professionals who are well-versed in creating technology solutions based on business needs. Our approach is to understand the business processes, identify the stakeholders and provide appropriate technology solutions, increasing efficiency and adding value to the bottom line. Our team is dedicated to providing clients with the highest degree of expertise and customer service.

The IT landscape is constantly changing. Every year we experience the creation of new acronyms and buzzwords describing new processes and products that may or may not apply to your business. Have you ever been faced with deciphering “On-Prem or Hosted”, “Cloud-based or In-House”, “MSP or ASP”, “AWS or Azure”? Businesses thrive by leveraging the correct technologies to better serve their staff and customers. Companies that can successfully implement an appropriate IT strategy can gain competitive advantage on their competitors, free up their employees to concentrate on their clients and increase reliability and profitability.

The Arkendale Approach:


Arkendale has been creating and maintaining computer networks since 2003. Our team members possesses average of 20 years of experience in network design, implementation and support. Business networks have long since been standardized and the technology has advanced far enough that network stability should be a given. Your business should have an infrastructure that is stable and reliable. Simply put, the technology should just work. Applications should run, Internet connectivity should be fast and secure, mobile devices should be reliable and easy to use, printers should print. Getting the basics right is the foundation for leveraging the possibilities inherent in new technologies.


Your data is your business, and these days the majority of your critical information is in an electronic format. Any system failure denying access to your data could be catastrophic. Your data needs to be protected on multiple levels. Compliance with legal, governmental and industry standards should be verified and documented. Arkendale is appropriately paranoid about protecting our clients’ data. Backups should be correctly configured and regularly tested and verified. Networks need to be accessible, but secured by utilizing all appropriate technologies including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, content filtering, automated patch management and multi-layer anti-virus.


Arkendale is active in many verticals with businesses that differ significantly in size and scope. While most use standard productivity applications, some clients employ customized software and others utilize industry-specific platforms. There are many ways of utilizing technology and we provide our experience to identify efficiencies and implement appropriate solutions. There are many ways to approach a Cloud implementation, many ways to enable a mobile workforce. We can use our expertise to offer an array of options and help you decide which implementation best suits the needs of your company.


IT projects are often characterized as large, complex and costly initiatives. Many projects experience overrun because there is a lack of project management, technology is inappropriately deployed or the scope of work was not completely identified before execution. Arkendale provides solutions covering the entire project, from business need identification to staff training. We documentation our entire process, based on business requirements. Finally, Arkendale manages all facets of the process and to safeguard a successful outcome.


Whether it be onsite or via remote client, phone support or via a Help Desk interface, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and expertize.

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